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Welcome to Best of Health, your trusted local bulk wholefoods store and cafe located in the heart of leafy Greensborough, in north east Melbourne.

At Best of Health we believe that the best of health comes firstly from what you eat, ensuring the pantry staples you’re using everyday are supporting a healthy body and mind. You need to start with the best and most pure ingredients to reach the best of health.

In store you’ll find a wide range of organic and sustainable groceries including flours, nuts & seeds, dairy, grains, fresh produce and more. We source the real food that you want, free from the additives, preservatives, over-packaging or poor quality that simply doesn’t support your health and wellness.

With a light cafe menu serving organic fair trade coffee, your grocery shopping doesn’t need to be a chore. We’re locals and are driven to give you an experience that we all crave - enjoyment from food, that feeds your enjoyment for life.

Best Of Health creates a hub for you, in Greensborough, where we value environmentally responsible shopping through organic and sustainable bulk groceries, to support your health and wellbeing.


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Pantry Staples 

Stock your pantry with a wide range of organic flours, grains, organic spices, nuts, seeds and oils.

Gluten and Allergen Free

Vegan, paleo and allergen free alternatives such as gluten free cereals, flours & pasta.

A Healthy Fridge

premium, organic eggs, dairy and dairy alternatives, from local suppliers. 

Organic Fruit and Vegetables 

seasonal & organic fruit and vegetables for maximum nutrition and minimum wastage.


Shop off one of our wholefood recipes or order our ready made meals.


Enjoy our light cafe menu before or after you shop, with organic coffee and artisan treats...


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