Understanding Bio-Dynamic, Organic and Free Range


Making the switch to organic but confused by the jargon? At Best of Health, we're committed to ensuring our customers experience the best quality, bio-dynamic, organic and free range food on offer - in our bulk products, health products and cafe. But what do these terms actually mean? Let's take a closer look...


Bio-dynamic adopts the principle of working in harmony with nature, based on the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner (1861). this method of farming creates balance and healing in the soil, whilst providing a healthy living and breathing environment for plants and animals.

It's the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute that sets the standards for Bio-Dynamic produce and ensures compliance from its members. When you choose Bio-Dynamic certified products they've been grown and processed with these standards:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ecologically safe
  • Biologically safe methods of cultivation
  • They activate and nurture the life of the soil, plants and animals within nature's organisation
  • Free from the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals
    • fertilisers
    • genetically modified organisms
    • unnecessary additives

In dairy products, Bio-dynamic means that the animals have been grazed in a clean, chemical free environment.

In meat products, the animals are treated humanely and protected from stressful conditions, for meat that is tender and healthy.

For plants, the health of the soil is the farmer's qualitative yardstick. Farmers use unique soil, plant and compost preparations that, when practiced successfully, creates a humus-rich, well-structured soil ideal for the growth of healthy, vibrant plants.

A Bio-dynamic lifestyle guarantees products are free from growth hormones and antibiotics. This minimises any negative effect of our own hormone systems that are critical in regulating our health.

With naturally high levels of vitamins and minerals present in bio-dynamic products, they support a healthy body and mind, whilst also helping to fight food allergies, as the culprit chemicals are not present.

With naturally higher levels of antioxidants that boost your immune system and keep free radicals at bay, bio-dynamic foods are a perfect foundation for health.



Most of us are familiar with the Australian Certified Organic logo. This logo indicates that the Certified Organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMO's.

Organic is not just 'chemical free'. It is a whole system or holistic means of growing and handling food. The whole system is linked - soil, plants, animals, food, people, and environment.

When a product is certified organic, it has been used or grown without artificial fertilisers or pesticides. The philosophy of organic farming is that it is developed naturally and gradually, free from artificial chemicals. Plants and crops are not sprayed with industrial chemicals or pesticides. Animals are not fed any growth hormones and are kept in natural, stress free environments.

All certified farms and businesses are audited regularly to ensure compliance, protecting consumers and allowing us to trust that these standards have been met.

Free Range



Free-range products are those where a product is kept or produced in natural conditions. Some free-range products also promote the non-use of hormones and chemicals and use feeds such as corn, maize and barley.

Although they do not necessarily use certified organic feed, free-range farms are strongly committed to a healthy and stress free environment.



Health Benefits of organic & bio-dynamic lifestyles

We are all connected - our health is a reflection of what we eat and the process it's been through to reach our tables, fridge and pantry. Some of the many benefits of organic and biodynamic foods are:

  • Greater antioxidants
  • Better nutrition
  • Reduced pesticide exposure
  • Reduced antibiotic exposure
  • No GMO's
  • Mindful consumption is better for your conscience and our planet

As a committed bio-dynamic and organic retailer, it's these values that drive our product selections in store, on shelf and in our cafe so that you can have confidence in supporting your health. Each team member has excellent knowledge of wholefoods, what's in season and how to get the best value for money.

Shop our collection of organic and biodynamic food includes grains, flours, dried fruits, nuts, pulses, dairy, vegan and gluten free produce instore. Join our world of organic and bio-dynamic foods, thoughtfully produced and carefully selected with the earth at heart, to nurture and benefit your health.


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