Australian Testimonials

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and hypothyroidism almost three years ago. Tests in 2012 showed low thyroid levels. Since my husband bought the Deta AP20 and Deta RITM six months ago, I have been using them daily for my Hypothyroidism as well as my endometriosis.

With the hypothyroidism, I had been diagnosed with a skin condition called “Sweet’s syndrome” on my forearm which resembles psoriasis. The skin was itchy, raw and angry looking. Within two months of using the devices, my skin condition has improved dramatically – close to eighty per cent and I have gotten my energy back, something which the hypothyroidism deprives you of.

Also, the cramping in my abdomen from the endometriosis has disappeared and I am starting to feel like the ‘old me’ of ten years ago! I was tested for thyroid levels again in 2014 and my thyroid hormone levels were back to normal (see here), and I attribute these results to the Deta-Elis devices as I did nothing else but use them.

My doctor asked me how long I had been on thyroxine and I told him that I never was on thyroxine. He stared at me with a puzzled look on his face and did not want to delve into the matter any further! I think these devices are wonderful and I know they work. – Aida P., Melbourne., Oct. 2014.

I have been suffering from acute sciatica in my right leg for the past year or so. Sometimes the pain has been unbearable.

The doctors could not give me a definitive answer on what the condition was (lower back pain? aggravated disk? sciatica?) and most importantly – why it was happening. All they would prescribe to me was pain-killers and a trip to the physio.

A friend recommended that I try these new Deta-Elis devices which I subsequently did and I got almost immediate relief from them. I have gone from a pain level of 10 to almost zero in six weeks! Without medication!

And furthermore, I am using programmes on the devices to repair the damage that my discs have suffered over the years. I would recommend these devices for back pain and sciatica to anyone!

Also, I have been suffering from sinusitis for many many years. Antibiotics, over the counter medications and surgery have not been able to make a difference to my condition. Sure, I would get temporary relief, once even thinking that I had finally overcome it – but it always came back.

Using the programmes on the AP20, I feel truly cured of my sinus. I can breathe much better and my post-nasal drip has gone completely! This device is truly amazing! It can treat more than 1500 conditions. I am going to work on my blood pressure and cholesterol next! Leo P., Melbourne. Jan. 2015.

Every year I spend at least three days in bed due to influenza. I bought and used the Deta AP20 and RITM after learning about them through a friend.
This year, despite catching a cold and the flu, I have managed to avoid being laid up in bed so far! Using these devices, I seem to feel stronger and to be able to fight the diseases off more quickly. No doubt the flu and immune system programmes have helped and I particularly love the “Active protection” programme on the RITM.

It’s like a preventative medicine programme which protects you from anything that may be lurking around the corner.

Katy S., Melbourne. Feb. 2015.

My experience with Deta Elis AP device has been successful. I used the AP over 2 weeks and couldn’t believe the results after suffering with haemorrhoids for over 2 years, and having previously tried multiple products on the market. The device completely removed the haemorrhoids and thanks to this remarkable technology, I no longer feel discomfort. I really want to thank my friend for getting me in touch with the product. – Jerry S., Melbourne.

Being a skeptic of this product from get go, I finally decided to give it a go it when the typical symptoms of tonsillitis got the better of me. Suffering all my life from throat inflammation and constantly being on antibiotics, I used the deta-elis RITM device before symptoms got really bad and within 10 minutes of the program running I felt relief and was able to swallow. Running the device a few more times, the inflammation had completely disappeared. Highly recommend skeptics to use this, will not disappoint! – Eva S., Melbourne.

I bought the Deta AP and Deta RITM devices about a year and a half ago for myself and my wife, but I ended up giving them to my brother George to see if they could be of help to him with his condition of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). George was diagnosed with MS eight years ago and was slowly but surely declining in his health to the point where he could barely walk without being assisted by someone or without the aid of a walking frame. Also he lost a lot of weight, became incontinent and very withdrawn, just sitting in front of the TV all day and hardly speaking to anyone – as if in a stupor.

I learned that there were several programs on the Deta AP & RITM devices for MS and we decided to run all of them for him – out of the box, without a proper diagnosis by a Deta Practitioner because there simply aren’t any here in Australia at the moment, though we hope this will change. Nevertheless, we were amazed with what was to follow!

In the space of a week, George was starting to become more aware of his surroundings and of us. He began to have conversations with us again and participate in the goings on of the household, even joking around with us. Even more amazing was the fact that now he could get up and walk around, go to the toilet on his own without anyone’s help or the assistance of the walking frame! His wife couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. It was as if he had been transformed into a new person! Admittedly, George is slow in his movement and his concentration span is not very great, but his condition now is a vast improvement on what he was six months ago!
I believe that with a proper diagnosis from a Deta practitioner and programming the portable devices appropriately to his condition, he would improve even more and we would have our “old Georgie” back.

As for myself, I have bought another pair of devices and have been using the Deta AP for my prostatitis condition and I now find that the pain has gone away and I only get up once to go to the toilet during the night, if at all, instead of the four or five times I did previously.
I have seen what these devices have done for my brother and myself and I can honestly say they truly work. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. You will definitely see results! – Peter L., Health Food Store owner., Melbourne.

Overseas Testimonials

Treating my Skin Problem with the Deta Cosmo

My name is Peter and I am 20 years old. Four years ago I have a bad skin problem which led me to feel depressed and withdrawn – I was embarassed to socialise with people.

As I was desperate to find a cure for my ailing skin, I tried many ointments, lotions, creams, antibiotics, blood transfusions and even plasmaphoresis. Unfortunately, after spending a lot of money, the cure was not in sight.

I was very disappointed at the fact that medicine could not help with my condition.

One day a friend invited me to the presentation of a new medical device which was helping a lot of people with difficult-to-solve health problems.

I came across and learned about the Deta-Cosmo device and only after 5 sessions for the first time in my life I began seeing a difference to my skin.

In a short while, my skin began to clear completely.

I was truly grateful to the inventor of such a miraculous device – thank you Dr Sergey Konoplev for your invention!

Russian Medical Doctor Treats Psoriasis with Deta Bioresonance devices

This patient had a bad case of psoriasis with intense pruritis (itching) for over 10 years. Various treatments had failed.

In September 2011 he had the opportunity of being tested using bioresonance and was found to have tapeworms and other worms.

He began treatment with the Deta-AP and within a short while he was completely cured as shown in the before and after photo below.

Severe eczema of 4 year old cured with Deta-Elis AP

This child had a severe eczema of the skin from the age of 3 months. He spent the first three years of his life seeing many doctors at different clinics.

Many expensive treatments followed but without success.

The boy was then tested using the Deta-Elis Professional bioresonance testing and many underlying causes were identified such as giardia, worms, staphylococcus and streptococcus.

The boy was treated using the Deta-AP device and within two months the child began to improve with no further treatments required. Intermittent treatments over one year resulted in a complete cure, as shown in the before and after photos below.

Treating auto-immune disease, high fever and Sarcoidosis with the Deta AP Bioresonance device

My Name Is Georgia and I am 53 years old, born in Thessaloniki, where I live.

After a bad minning accident in 1997, I had badly damaged my right elbow. After seeing numerous orthopaedic surgeeons in a 5-year period, with numerous opinions I was no better off for health.

After all this time, I was left with two serious health problems:

1) Compromised immune system
2) Pulmonary Fibrosis – Sarcoidosis

I spent hours every month receiving my medications from the health ministry at a cost of over €2,500 per month which was covered by my health insurance.

From 2003 I began to have frequent respiratory infections, recurring bouts of pneumonia which resulted in a constant fever of 39 – 40 degrees centigrade, with a constant cough and wheezing with a severe swelling in the face.

In all the tests that I had during this period, the diagnosis was always pneumonia and I was given antibiotics and sent home.

I saw other doctors as well as a homeopath, but the problem continued, with additional symptoms such as tinnitus and vomitting.

Even though my fever was always high and I was forced to take antipyretic drugs, I had to go to work on a daily basis.

During this time I had visited another alternative medicine practitioner who practiced iridology, and amongst other things pointed out that my mouthful of amalgam fillings, with 50% mercury, was not helping my immune system.

I had these removed and indeed the severe swelling of my face disappeared.

In March 2007 I returned from a trip to the USA with bouts of breathlessness, high fever in the 40’s, feeling cold, dizziness and buzzing in the ears. I stayed 15 days in a chest clinic with a diagnosis of bronchiectasis. I was given injectable antibiotics and booked in for a bronchoscopy.

After seeing more than 25 specialists with a number of diagnoses such as rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus, and even AIDS.

I was again hospitalized for dehydration as a result of high fever, profuse sweating and vomitting and losing 18kg. After a further bronchoscopy, another bacteria was found and I was given cortisone therapy.

In 2011 I was found in a comotose state by my son and was again hospitalized with a diagnosis of subarachnoid cerebral haemorrhage. The doctors said that I would have brain damage.

In January 2013, some friends told me about a Centre where they used bioresoance as a diagnostic tool. It sounded interesting but I was mentally tired, fatigued and broke.

After testing, the doctor found Lamblia, a protozoan, as well as problems in the gastrointestinal system as well as harmful bacteria in my gut and blood.

I was given a small device from the Deta-Elis company that worked on the principle of bioresonance. I was to use this in my home and work, as it was no bigger than a mobile phone and it would sit in my pocket.

In a short period of time the vomitting left, my cholesterol levels fell, I stopped taking pills for my stomach, no more cortisone or dizziness. My friends began to comment that I was looking more healthy, my immunological markers had all increased to a healthier level and no more tinnitus.

The doctor using the Deta-Elis diagnostics identified the causes of my symptoms and we began to eliminate these using the Deta-Elis AP bioresoance device. This is amazing technology and I am truly thankful for the scientists that have given such a big gift to humanity.

Thessaloniki 30th June 2013

Neurological problems treated with the Deta Professional bioresonance therapy

In one of the Deta-Elis presentations, the following case was presented that is an interesting example of a 33-year old man who had to abandon his Ph.D. studies due to illness. was suffering from an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system.

This created a number of symptoms such as photophobia, hypersensitive to noise, hypersensitive to touch, to smells, vomiting, excessive sweating leading to severe dehydration and collapse.

He had seen medical specialists in Greece, Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris and was thoroughly tested using modern medical tests. He was given Vallium, Lexotanil, Zyprexa, Seropram, and many more drugs to no avail.

He began seeing psychologists and psychiatrists, but the symptoms were gradually increasing in frequency and in intensity. Then epileptic-type fits had began that increased to daily crises. He tried homeopathy and acupuncture, but this was no very helpful either.

He eventually saw a Deta bioresonance practitioner in Greece who diagnosed Salmonella, a bacteria producing many toxins effecting the nervous system.

He was treated and completely cured using the Deta Professional bioresonance device along with autonode homeopathics.