Miracle Mist – Pain Spray 250ml


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MIRACLE MIST – Pain Spray 250ml

Transdermal Ionic Magnesium Chloride (MSM Fortified) 99% pure.


Scalar Structured & Dynamically Enhanced with 528 HZ

There is simply nothing else that works as quickly, easily or safely!

“Almost 100% of us are magnesium deficient and its obvious because we keep aging… degenerative aging is directly related to insufficient magnesium.”

– Dr. Norman Shealy.

Discover the spray on secret that can assist:

*Relief of Pain & Swollen Joints
*Burning Fat & Carbohydrates
*Better Sleep Patterns & Awaken Refreshed
*increasing Happiness & Wellbeing
*Balancing Hormones & increasing DHEA
*Boosting Energy & Reducing Fatigue
*Relief of Depression, Anxiety & irritability
*Prevention of Heart Disease & Cancer
*Detoxification & Neutralization of Toxins
*Reversing the signs of Aging
*Stronger Bones, Teeth and Hair
*Smoother Softer Skin & Rid Blemisnes
*increasing Sexual Energy & Erectile Function

*Relief of Muscle Spasms & Cramps*Calming the Central Nervous System
*Repair of Nerve Damage & Relieve Sciatica
*Increasing Muscle Tone & Stamina
*Improving Digestion &Absorption of Nutrients
*Stabilizing APT for RNA & DNA Signalling & Repair
*Improved Healing Time for Injuries
*Boosting Immune System & Fighting Infections
*Reducing Migraines & Headaches
*Increasing Memory, Concentration & Cognition
*Lowering of Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
*Regulation of Insulin & Increase Lifespan

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