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Hemp SeedsAustralian Certified Organic

Pure hulled hemp seeds.

The King of Proteins! Organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free – high in EFA’s of Omega 3, 6 and 9. The qualities of essential fatty acids and especially the GLA Omega 6 for healthy skin make hemp seeds or hemp oil a highly effective skin care and cosmetic ingredient.

Hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years around the globe. This versatile plant has been used as a food, fibre, oil, textile, paper, wax, rope and even fuel. It is believed that Tibetan women first discovered how to produce string from the hemp fibre.

Hemp Foods Legislation

Industrial hemp is a legal crop here in Australia and is also grown worldwide. Australian hemp seeds are grown legally under strict government license and conditions. These conditions include growing only varieties that contain negligible amounts of the drug ‘THC’. Nearly all the products of the hemp plant are now legal in most countries, with Australian being the last country in the world to allow hemp as a food. In the USA you may consume hemp foods, but you cannot grow industrial hemp commercially. In Australia you may grow hemp commercially but not consume it as food. Without venturing into the politics as to why the product is illegal to eat in Australia, almost every other country in the world considers it a safe SUPER FOOD.

The Australian public WOULD benefit from hemp foods being legally consumed, however until the politicians and bureaucrats who regulate Australian foods change the current legislation it is illegal to consume food grade hemp seeds in Australia and New Zealand. Meanwhile de-hulled hemp seed and hemp seed oil is allowed for non-human consumption. Hemp seeds, hemp oil and hemp protein are also used in hemp for animals including cats, dogs, horses, laying hens and cattle.

Please note: The consumption of Hemp Seeds is illegal in Australia.

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