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This 1-metre wide flat Earthing undersheet fits any size of bed.

Place length-ways (head-to-toe) OR cross-ways over your mattress. Tuck the 100% cotton ends under the mattress to secure it in place.

It is designed as an undersheet or underlay.  Machine wash it every 6 months when you place your earthing undersheet under two regular cotton (or any natural fibre) fitted sheets.

Why two cotton sheets? The second sheet acts as an extra filter to trap the myriad of chemicals and ingredients in creams, lotions, or sulphur in sweat and stop them from reaching the sensitive silver in the earthing fabric, which can oxidise or breakdown the silver.

Sold as a complete system with a Better Earthing Adapter and Lead. Comes with 2-Year Warranty.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg

Dimensions: 3 meters long by 1 metre wide. The conductive earthing section is 1.85m long by 1m wide.
On each end are 60cm long cotton ends for tucking under the mattress. These hold the undersheet securely in place.


The earthing fabric is a blend of pure silver fibre (60%) and polyester (40%).
That’s 15-20 times more silver fibre than regular earthing sheets that contain 3-4% silver fibre.
The printed sheet ends are 100% cotton.

Earthing Indoors Explained

By law, all Australian and New Zealand powerpoints are grounded using wiring that connects to an earthing rod or pipe that is buried in the ground.
Better Earthing’s Australian made earthing adapter is designed to safely pass free electrons from the earth down the grounding wire to your product.
No electricity is used and you can have the powerpoint switched off.
The Better Earthing adapter and lead have built-in safety resistors totalling 97,000 ohms. You can test your earthing connection and your products with an autorange multimeter (sold separately).

Care Instructions

Gentle machine wash with a detergent that contains no oxidizers or whitening agents, no bleach and ideally no oils (ie Earth’s Choice blue laundry liquid available from supermarkets around Australia). Dry in shade.


2-Year Repair or Replace Warranty on Better Earthing Universal Undersheet, Better Earthing adapter and lead.


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