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Made with 99.9% pure silver fibre, the Better Earthing Pillowcase brings antioxidant-like free electrons from the earth to your face, neck, head and upper shoulders for improved sleep, skin appearance and better circulation.

Earthing can reduce muscle tension and inflammation caused by stress or injury. An earthing pillowcase is helpful for targeting inflammation in the neck and upper shoulders.

This pillowcase is conductive on both sides and is made from silver coated fibre (60% of the fabric) and polyester (40% of the fabric).

It is the only earthing pillowcase sold with a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty and a 1-Year Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

This product is designed as in inner pillowcase, to be used inside a regular cotton or natural fibre pillowcase. The cotton layer protects the sensitive silver fibre from myriad of chemicals and ingredients in creams, lotions or sulphur in sweat that can oxidise or damage the silver. For extra longevity, use with two regular cotton or natural fibre pillowcases as the second natural fibre pillowcase will act as a filter to trap damaging ingredients and protect the silver.

Comes with a coiled lead and a Better Earthing adapter for Australian powerpoints.

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg
Care Instructions

Care Instructions: Gentle machine wash with a detergent that contains no bleach, no whitening agents and no oils (ie Earth’s Choice blue laundry liquid available from most supermarkets).
Dry in shade.


1-Year Repair or Replace Warranty on Better Earthing Inner Pillowcase.
2-Year Repair or Replace Warranty on Better Earthing adapter and lead.


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