We have tried to collate all the most commonly asked questions from people interested in learning more about our amazing devices and Bioresonance therapy technology.


How many devices are there, and what are the differences?

There are 5 different devices in total that can be used by everyone – these are as follows:

The DETA-AP – this device has pre-installed programmes for eliminating a number of microorganisms such as parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses.
The DETA-RITM – this device has pre-installed programmes for strengthening organ systems and disease processes in the body.
The DETA- mini ENERGY – this mini device boosts energy levels and protects against negative energies.
The DETA-COSMO – this device has pre-installed programmes for cosmetic use such as wrinkles, acne and anti-ageing, as well as other programmes for general detoxification.
The DETA-UDT – this device is not really a portable device but a desk-top device – the main advantage of this device is that it contains all the programmes from both the Deta RITM and the Deta COSMO, including 443 pre-installed programmes covering a wide array of different health issues. It does NOT do what the Deta AP device does, i.e. killing microorganisms such as parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

There are other devices that are mostly used by Doctors/qualified Health Professionals such as the DETA-PROFESSIONAL and the DETA-PHARMA. These require specialised knowledge and training to use correctly and are not for the average person.

Where can I buy a Deta-Elis device?

All purchase orders are made through our website; deta-elis-aus.com.au – the OFFICIAL AUSTRALIAN website!

The order/s for product/s then go directly to the Mother Company “Deta-Elis” in Germany.

There are no retail sales as such – everyone buys at the same price.

Given that these devices are only just penetrating the Western world, our website is the interface between Australia and the Mother Company.

Our goal is to introduce this cutting-edge technology to AUSTRALIA (and ASIA PACIFIC) and provide an opportunity for the public and for Doctors/Practitioners to purchase these amazing products, as well as joining our GLOBAL binary marketing network so that they can benefit from this amazing opportunity, both for their health and…. wealth!

How long does it take before delivery of my order?

Until the Global website launch late 2015, when our ordering system will be directly linked with Germany, delivery of product is around 6 weeks. Once we are linked to Germany, it will take approximately 15 days for the products to arrive.

Can I return the device after ordering?

The simple answer is NO! So please DO NOT order the device if you have any hesitation or are thinking of possibly returning the device. Once you decide to buy the product and an order is placed with the Russian company, then there is a no-returns policy, so please do not order if you are intending to return the device/s. If device/s is faulty it will be replaced.

Can I buy at trade or wholesale pricing?

The simple answer is NO! Given that the company sells through network marketing, the pricing has been standardised for everyone – everyone buys from the company at exactly the same price. Those that recommend the devices to others can get their “referral reward or commission” from the company directly as well as gaining bonus points that are automatically converted to money and placed in your Back Office account the following day. This becomes accumulative over time, and this is where the real synergy begins as we move away from the retail model of selling into the synergistic network model.

How can I register and become a member of the Deta-Elis Global Marketing Network?

Through our website (or through your Sponsor who will guide you to our website). Just click on “Register to Become a MEMBER”

What are the Benefits of becoming a Deta-Elis MEMBER?

You enter our GLOBAL “Deta-Elis” Binary Network System, providing you with opportunities to earn Commissions, Bonus Points which can be cashed… and UNLIMITED PASSIVE income!

How does the network work?

It was the vision of the Deta Elis company to make this type of cutting-edge technology available to all so that people can take responsibility for their own health – health empowerment is a major goal for the inventor and visionary, Dr Sergey Konoplov.

Once you register in the network, and fully activate yourself by buying at least one device with a value above 250 euros, then as soon as you begin recommending the devices to friends and loved ones, every time they buy you will receive a commission as well as bonus points – this is explained in our “How to Become a Member”  section.

If the person that you have recommended also wants to enter the network, then they can also pay the 40 euros Network Registration Fee and they will also be registered under you – the application form will ask for the name of the sponsor, and they are to place your name – you can also help them complete the form if you wish.

Once they recommend the health devices to other people, then you immediately benefit as you are their sponsor and this becomes viral the deeper the network becomes, providing you with a PASSIVE income while everyone in the network benefits.

On a philosophical level, this moves away from the egocentric competitiveness of the retail trade where one person sells to as  many people as they can, fighting aggressively against competitors, to a model that involves team work, cooperation, respect for fellow co-helper, communication, and organization for the benefit of the team, not only the individual.

The Deta Elis marketing network has been analysed by many experts world-wide and it has been found to be one of the most ethical and profitable networks in existence. The company gives back about 50% of their profits to their shareholders, which is you and I, and encourage the cooperation of all for the benefit of the whole. This synergistic effort pays rewards quickly as the network becomes viral and spreads rapidly – the world is your oyster!

Konstantinos Santalov, one of the first networkers to design this marketing system about 3 years ago, is already earning $1,000,000 passive income every year, and growing. So the potential is huge as there are no restrictions in the depth of the network – it can go thousands deep and continue growing in this way.

How do I sign people up in my network?

You simply advise them to go to “OUR” (yours and all other Members!) website, click on to “Register as a Member”, complete the registration form and press “Send”……It’s that simple!

Do I have any control of this process?

Absolutely! Once you register in the network, you will receive a username and password that will allow you to access your BACK OFFICE – here you will be able to place orders, register others in the network, control your finances, transfer money to your private account, see who is registered in your network, see your accumulated points and more.

The system at present is in Russian but when you use Google Chrome as a browser, it will automatically translate it to English. By early to mid  2015 there will be a major upgrade, so everything will be in English and the ordering system will be much simpler as it will be possible to purchase using a credit card online, which is not possible at the moment.

We will help you join the network and help you grow, until such time as upgrades are available by the Russians. Rest assured, they are building this at present and working flat out, but there is a lot to get done.

Why has it taken so much time to get to this stage?

Historically, the Deta Elis company has spent the last 20 years developing the bioresonance technology and conducting more that 117 clinical trials. Their intention was to stay in the large Russian market for many years to come, given that they had received certification from the Ministry of  Health in Russia for use with their 140+ million population.

But as this will have it, with these type of cutting-edge technologies, the Russians  were persuaded by scientists and networkers alike to open the European markets, beginning from Greece. The company initially refused a number of times as they knew they were not ready to go into other markets on many levels, but were eventually persuaded by the persuasive Greeks. So the product entered the Greek market without any infrastructure, translations and the like.

The Greeks worked like ants to make things happen, and bravo to them for this! They translated a lot of the material from Russian to Greek, they organised meetings among the people to educate them, they organized training for practitioners to be able to conduct bioresonance diagnostics and more.  Now there is an official Deta Elis office in Athens that sells products directly to the European markets, with Cyprus being one of the main countries that they deal with due to the spread of the network in Cyprus.

The next inevitable step was to get this technology to the English-speaking world – this transitional process is now rolling and we, in Australia (and Asia Pacific) are in the fortunate position to have “Our” Australian website so we can order online and begin using this technology to help our own health and that of our loved ones.

I am a professional health practitioner who wants to know more about the diagnostic and therapy side of the Deta Elis devices – where can I learn more about this?

Dr George Georgiou, Ph.D., N.D., D.Sc (AM), a Holistic Medicine Practitioner and Academic Director of the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, as well as a researcher and proponent of Energy Medicine and Bioresonance, has taken the lead in getting this information to the English-speaking world along with other colleagues who are passionate about this type of technology. He has completed the official training from the Deta Elis company and along with his extensive knowledge in these topics, he is ready to begin training other practitioners in ENGLISH, around the world.

He is also the only English-speaking Lecturer and Trainer that has been certified by the Russian Deta Elis company – he has extensive training by the Russians as well as over 16 years experience in using and researching Energy Medicine and Bioresonance. He also holds 10 degrees and diplomas in Natural Medicine, including two doctorates. He is also the Founder Director of the Da Vinci Holistic Health Center in Larnaca, Cyprus, as well as the Academic Director of the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine that offers Bachelor and Doctoral degrees in Holistic Medicine.

Dr Georgiou has also completed an online course for all practitioners interested in this field entitled DETA ELIS: ENERGY MEDICINE AND BIORESONANCE

This is aimed specifically at qualified practitioners so that they may get the theoretical knowledge required to understand the principles and concepts before scheduling clinical practicuums in different areas of the world.

As soon as practitioners complete this comprehensive online course, complete their assignments and final exam online, then they will be ready to schedule for one of the clinical practicums that would be required to complete the training – this is being planned as a 5-day intensive in various parts of the world.

If 20 practitioners can get together in a country, then Dr Georgiou will travel to them for the 5 days – simply email admin@deta-elis-uk.com with requests.

As a practitioner who has completed the online theoretical course, will I need to buy a diagnostic device?

The simple answer is YES! A practitioner cannot do the diagnostics without buying one of the two Deta Elis devices for diagnosis: the DETA PHARMA and the DETA PROFESSIONAL.

If you can afford the top-of-the-range Deta Professional, then you will have a powerful diagnostic and therapeutic device at your fingertips. The Deta Pharma is only a bioresonance diagnostic device and one cannot conduct treatments with this device. The Deta Professional on the hand, has the same diagnostic abilities, but also powerful treatment combinations including Electromagnetic, Electroacupuncture, Bioresonance and Quantum light therapies, as well as a potent combination of all these combined.

Why is bioresonance therapy not widespread in other countries?

As with all good things in life that threaten the profits of other large industries – they get blocked or sabotaged!

Electromedicine devices are pretty much the same – the big pharmaceutical companies do not want practitioners to be treating with electricity and not selling their expensive drugs with all their side effects.

It has nothing to do with how effective a lot of these natural treatments are – it all boils down to greed and profit, not the health of the patient.

A typical example is Dr Royal Raymond Rife who developed a bioresonance device back in the 1930′s that treated metastatic cancer with 100% success rate. Not only was he not rewarded for this great invention, but he was hounded by the medical authorities of the time and spent many years of his life defending himself in courts of law and died a broken man.

Socio-economic policies and beliefs of each country can also play an important role in how known a therapeutic device or protocol can become.

In the Russian Federation, for example, the State was responsible for providing medication to the people, at considerable cost! Therefore any therapeutic method that used natural means, with much less cost, was very welcome by the State as they had much to gain and little to lose.

This is why Russia has excelled in the field of natural medicine, and there have been many natural therapies that have seen the stamp of approval of the Russian Minstry of Health, compared to other Western nations that are coerced by the huge profits of BigPharma.

The other reason is that the Russian company is still young and is only just spreading their wings into other countries – however if you wish to open up your own country, then please get in touch with us and we will facilitate the process.

Are the Deta-Elis devices safe?

The Deta-Elis devices are completely safe – you can either have them in your pocket or hang them around your neck or you can sit them next to you no more than one metre away.

They operate with two AA batteries.

In the 20 years of research using these devices, along with many thousands of people using them, there have not been any reported side effects.

Can they be used with someone with a pacemaker?

YES, there is no problem with someone who has a pacemaker fitted, they will come to no harm from these therapy devices. However, people with pacemakers should be cautious about using Bioresonance diagnostics as this imparts a small voltage and current which may interfere with the pacemakers functioning.

Are there any contraindications or cases where the Deta devices should not be used?

The two main cases are when a woman is pregnant, particularly in the first trimester and when the person has had an organ transplant as using the devices may upregulate their immune system and result in possible organ rejection.

Are these devices easy to use?

The Deta-Elis devices are extremely simple to use, including the Deta-Ap and the Deta-Ritm. There is simply an on-off button and up and down arrrows for scanning the various programmes that are stored in the device.

Once you have scrolled through the stored programmes, then it is a case of pressing a button to choose the programme you wish to run and pressing the start button – nothing could be simpler to operate!

Regarding the Deta-Elis Professional diagnostic devices – these require special training and are only used by Doctors/qualified Health Professionals after extensive training in their use and interpretation.

Can these devices cure all diseases?

The obvious answer is NO! Particularly chronic diseases have many different causative factors and these need to be identified first using the bioresonance diagnostics, as well as many other diagnostic modalities. Once these causative factors are identified and removed, then there is a good chance that the body can recuperate again, shedding off symptoms while regenerating itself with the help of your health practitioner.

Do these device make my doctor obsolete and useless?

Absolutely NOT!!! It is always the advice of the Deta professionals to seek medical attention whenever there are serious health problems. It would be irresponsible to attempt to treat yourself with the devices without seeking first advice from a Doctor or a qualified Health Practitioner who is at least familiar with this type of technology. We cannot take responsibility for anyone attempting to treat themselves without first seeking advice from a doctor first – it would be akin to self-prescribing medications for yourself without understanding in depth all the consequences.

These devices are sold with pre-installed programmes – how can these be used without diagnosis first?

These pre-installed programmes are mainly for prevention and general tonifying and cleaning of the body, as well as removing microorganism loads such as parasites that we all have in our bodies.

However, just to repeat again as it is important – if there are serious, chronic health conditions then these must be seen first by Doctor or a qualified Health Professional before making any attempt to treat yourself in any way or form, including the use of these devices.

Can the Deta-Elis devices help my cat and dog?

Many people worldwide are already using the Deta-Elis devices to treat their pets from a variety of microorganisms such as parasites, toxoplasmosis carried by cats and many other microorganisms.

Many of these microorganisms can be passed over to humans, so debugging your pets is an excellent preventative measure for you too.

All you need to do is buy the Deta-Elis AP device and run the various frequencies for the different microorganisms – there are hundreds of frequencies covering the following:

Viruses – 90 different types
Bacteria – 91 different types
Fungi – 61 different types
Helminths (worms) – 33 different types

The devices can sit next to your pet in their bed basket all night working in the background helping to clear your pets of these uninvited guests which can cause a wide variety of symptoms.

Can the Deta-Elis devices be used by themselves without medications and nutritional supplements?

The devices Deta-Elis can be used alone or in combination with dietary supplements and medications prescribed by your Doctor or qualified Health professional.

Research using different groups has shown that the group that used both supplements or medication, along with the bioresonance therapy of the Deta-Elis had far superior results than the group that used only drugs or supplements.

There were also many cases where only the Deta-Elis was used for treatment and the patients made full recoveries without the use of supplements or other medications.

If one is taking any type of prescription medication, it is important to check with your doctor first before reducing or stopping any drugs. With nutritional supplements, it is always good to check with your clinical nutritionist.

Can the devices be used for preventive purposes?

Yes, the devices can be used to help optimise health and wellness and prevent symptoms and diseases from taking root.

For example, one can get rid of parasites or “uninvited guests” by running the parasite programmes on a regular basis, given that we are picking up parasites all the time.

In addition, we can run detoxification programmes to help keep our detoxification organs efficient, therefore preventing congestion and stagnation.

We can also run other programmes to boost and optimize the immune system and strengthen organ systems.

These programmes can also be used alongside a suitable preventative supplement programme such as multivitamin formulas, omega 3, antioxidants and the like.

Are your devices expensive?

The concept of cheap and expensive is one that does not express the value of purchasing an item that satisfies our personal needs.

There are many people in the world that will spend between thousands of dollars per year on cigarettes, there are others that will spend thousands of dollars every year changing their mobile phones/laptop computers, subscribing to coded television channels  etc.

These people are spending money on purchasing items that they believe are of value to them.

The same applies to the Deta-Elis devices – you may spend, on average, 500 -600 euros on each device,  but prevention is always wiser than cure, and the Deta-Elis devices can be used for preventing a large number of health problems for yourself all your loved ones for years to come – this is the real value of the Deta-Elis devices (not to mention the savings huge savings on expensive medical bills and medications!).

Thus, if a once-only cost for the purchase of such a device, which we will be using for years and will safeguard the health of ourselves and our family, seems expensive, then we need to re-evaluate our priorities.

The Deta-Elis devices are absolutely worth their cost, but they are NOT expensive! On the contrary, they can save us a lot of money, and save us from psychological and physical suffering in the future!

What is the history of bioresonance devices and electromedicine?

In 1925, Georges Lakhovsky, a Russian engineer, published a book called The Secret of Life in which he identified that every living entity emits radiation (or electro-magnetic signals), and that a cell nucleus acts as an electrical oscillation circuit, similar to a radio transmitter and receiver. In 1945, Professor Burr from the Medical department of Yale University, conducted an extensive 7 years search and confirmed that all living organisms possess complex electromagnetic fields. He showed that these ‘Life fields’ could be used to predict illness by noting variations in them.
In the 1950′s and 1960′s, Dr Reinhold Voll, a German physician, pioneered modern electro-acupuncture. What he discovered was that electric resistance of the Chinese acupuncture points along the meridians varies depending on our state of health. The principle is that hyperfunction, such as activation, stimulation and inflammation of an organ or system reduces the electric resistance (mW) of a related meridian, and is associated with increased conductivity (mV).

In the same way, hypofunction, such as a functional slow-down and degeneration increases the electric resistance (mW) of a related meridian, and is associated with decreased conductivity (mV).

He also discovered by accident that homeopathic remedies, as well as herbal and Schussler salts held a slight distance from the skin normalized these abnormal resistances.

As he developed his work, Voll also discovered that these remedies would also work when they were placed in an electronic circuit made between the patient and the tester.

So, if a patient who was allergic to a substance was tested with this substance in the circuit, they caused increases in skin resistance at the affected acupuncture points. The clinical application of these discoveries became known as Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll (EAV) and it remains the basis of many types of electronic bio-resonance testing that have been developed since, including the Deta-Elis devices.
The term electro-dermal screening (EDS) is a more modern name for the method of testing on the basis of such electrical readings from the skin surface.

Another famous researcher in electromedicine was Dr Robert Becker who extensively investigated the link between human physiology and electricity, or electro-medicine. He proved that electrical stimulation with direct current can promote healing in bone and other tissue, and even regeneration. His book The Body Electric tells the fascinating story of our bio-electric nature.

In the 1970s, Dr Morell in Germany triggered a new era of medicine called Bio-Resonance. He used the energies from the patients own oscillations in order to carry out an individual and effective therapy, much like the Deta-Elis devices of today.

Another famous German researcher, Dr Schimmel, simplified the EAV multi-acupoints approach. He found that he could successfully test any single acupuncture point by inserting selected special diagnostic homeopathic test ampoules into the electronic circuit that included both the patient and the tester, naming it the Vega test and the ampoules the ‘filters’.

Yet another famous researcher, Professor Popp, also discovered that DNA is the source of ‘biophotons’ which are responsible for triggering biochemical reactions in living cells. He actually observed the DNA of the cells emitting light in laboratory controlled conditions and postulated that this is how cells communicate between themselves.

Finally, Paul Schmidt devised an antennae system which is in tune with the fine Schumann electromagnetic oscillations of the earth. He managed to enhance these waves electronically and by using a computerized system he managed to measure the responses of the body tissues to the resonace phenomenon.

There are also other ways to access the body bio-energy systems such as with pendulum dowsing, kinesiology (muscle-mind testing), Autonomic Response Testing (ART), electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV), and Vega testing.

Since the 1980′s, various bio-energetic or bio-resonance devices have been developed for diagnostic and treatment applications, filtering and removing or cancelling unhealthy resonance patterns and feeding healthy patterns back into the biological system. Modern electro-dermal testing devices and electromagnetic bioresonance devices are now fully computerized and usually incorporate a range of pre-programmed diagnostic and therapeutic resonances, such as the Deta-Elis Professional device.

I am really quite healthy – how can the Deta-Elis devices help me?

Many people believe that they are in an optimal state of health, when really they are in a moderate level, thinking that tiredness, lack of energy and stamina, occasional headaches, pains in joints, bloating of gut and stomach and many more symptoms are all a normal part of life. They are not!

When one reaches the state of OPTIMAL HEALTH, these symptoms become a thing of the past and your level of energy and vitality has not limits – you can do whatever you wish, whenever you wish without flaking out every time you try.

There are not many people on the planet that have optimal health and this is where the Deta-Elis device can really help – removing uninvited guests such as parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms can produce a huge shift in health. Also, strengthening and balancing organ systems can also boost our level of health from a normal, average to one of superior health – the optimal level.

Do the devices have to be programmed before use?

Each Deta-Elis device has a number of programmes pre-installed so the device comes ready to use “out of the box” with no further programming.

For example, the devices Deta-AP 30 and Deta-RITM 30 have thirty preinstalled programs each. Generally these programs contribute to the overall toning and detoxifying the body, strengthening organ systems, as well as eradicating microorganisms.

The beauty and sophistication of the system, however, is that you can buy the “Therapy 8.0” software USB which plugs into the device and into your computer’s USB, therefore enabling you to programme your own devices. The Therapy 8.0 contains over 3,000 frequencies for your Deta AP and Deta Ritm, covering a vast array of different microorganisms and diseases.

This is the future of Quantum Medicine butas close to “Star Trek,” twenty-first century medicine as anyone can get! The device is not only innovative, but it is far ahead of the competition with many patents, scientific research and testimonials to back it.

Can I take natural vitamins and minerals while using the Deta-Elis device?

Even though the Deta-Elis devices can help to eradicate viruses, parasites, fungi, bacteria and many other microorganisms, they cannot help in supplementing nutritional deficiencies such as vitamins, mineral, amino acids, fatty acids and the like.

These must be supplemented by taking the appropriate nutritional supplements, and it is always best to work with a clinical nutritionist who is professionally trained in knowing what supplements to prescribe.

There are many studies that have shown that large populations of people are deficient in many vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and more.

There are many reasons for this – it is important, however, to take good quality supplements as there are many poor quality ones on the market.

How many diseases can the Deta-Elis devices treat?

The  Deta-Ap and Deta-Ritm devices may be programmed to emit over 3000 different frequencies, meaning the devices can treat a wide spectrum of different diseases and symptoms, as well as kill off many different types of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi and parasites.

In simple terms, how do these devices work?

The philosophy of these therapeutic devices and their operation is really quite simple.

One must imagine that all living and non-living things have their own harmonic frequency or “sound” – these frequencies are inevitable but different for different things.

All bacteria will also have their own resonant frequencies, as well as all viruses, fungi and other microorganisms. If we can match the resonant frequency of these microorganisms and expose them to this frequency, they will absorb this energy and burst open and die. This is the phenomenon of BIORESONANCE!

The Deta-Elis bioresonance devices can do just this – they produce frequencies that have been programmed to match the resonant frequencies of the microorganisms they are designed to kill, or the resonant frequencies of the organs that they are designed to balance and heal.

Can Bioresonance devices be used to diagnose health problems?

Qualified Deta-Elis Health practitioners who have been trained in the use of the Deta-Elis’s DIAGNOSTIC devices can use these devices to diagnose a wide array of health problems.

The practitioner can scan the patient for parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms, as well as doing an organ scan to determine weak and imbalanced physiological systems in the body.

Once the practitioner has collected this information, then they can programme the patient’s own Deta-Elis device with their own pathological frequencies which can then be used by the patient in the privacy of their own home to run this very bespoke programme in order to help their body achieve balance and clear of a wide variety of microorganisms.

Can the Deta-Elis device be programmed for my own health issues?

Yes, if you visit your qualified Deta-Elis Health Practitioner that has a Deta-Elis diagnostic device they are trained to use, the device will determine what underlying causative factors may be responsible for your symptoms and conditions.

Once identified, then using special software, your Health Practitioner can programme specific frequencies onto your personal device/s that will help treat and cure these underlying causative factors, whether they be bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi or helping to strengthen organ systems.

You then simply go home and run these programmes to heal – it is like having your “personal doctor” in your pocket whenever you need him!

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Are there scientific studies to back the Deta-Elis devices?

Over a period of about 20 years, over 100 scientific studies were performed in large state hospitals and clinics in the Russian Federation. These involved large groups of patients from all walks of life. All these studies are published in the official website of Deta-Elis in Russian and some of them are published and translated on our website.

Based on these scientific publications, the ministries of the Russian Federation granted safety and distribution certificates for all the Deta-Elis devices.

Can the Therapy 8.0 USB programming device be used on the Apple Mac computer?

The Therapy 8.0 can run on many Window’s based systems but not higher than Windows 8. It cannot be used on Apple Macs, even though revised software is presently being prepared.

How do I change languages on the new DeVita Devices?

All 7th generation DEVITA devices come in the German language as default as they are now manufactured in Germany. You cannot change the language using the Therapy 8 USB as you could with the older generation devices, but there is now a much more simple way of doing this.

In order to change language on the new DEVITA AP, RITM and COSMO devices, simply hold down the up and down scroll keys together and you will see the language that you wish to choose. Keep doing this until the language of your choice appears, then stop pressing so it locks into place.

Are there any webinars where I can get more information on these devices?

Yes, just make enquiry through our website. Also, periodically seminars and events are held in major cities, where you can get information about the devices, chat with doctors and associates of the company and see the devices up close. Once again, just make an enquiry with us.

I just do not believe that bioresonance can deliver results!

It is reasonable for anything new to seem strange to us, to frighten us and causing aversion; especially when it threatens to alter the established notions and redefine our beliefs and principles towards another direction. A person reacts to something new subliminally with disbelief, in some cases indeed, doing so correctly, judging from the result and that is why the great discoveries and inventions in the history of mankind were slow to receive a wider acceptance. Particularly in the field of healthcare, the human suffering caused by its loss becomes convenient for exploitation and commercialisation by well-wishers, charlatans and therefore understandably most of us need be very cautious, in order not to fall victims to scams, suffer financial loss, psychological distress and loss of our health. However, as a defence towards something new, we now have the knowledge and the information society, which opens before us through the internet. On the web there are thousands of websites in several languages, where one can find information about bioresonance, how it affects us, the studies that have been done and the results of its application. We have an obligation to ourselves, above all, to evaluate all things new on the basis of real facts and data and not to dogmatically deny, fear and distrust the unfamiliar. Therefore, before you reject this NEW and INNOVATIVE concept of optimum health and wellbeing from Deta-Elis, we suggest you do a search on google for «bioresonance therapy» in order to draw the necessary information before finalising your assessment. You can also see the videos appearing on the corresponding area of our website, where doctors applying bioresonance on their patients for years talk about its amazing results. Study, with the help of the online Google translator, on the official website of Deta-Elis, the more than one hundred clinical studies carried out in public hospitals and clinics of the Russian Federation on the devices of the company. Check on our website, the medals and certifications that the devices received.

It cannot be that everyone is lying!