What is Earthing?

Earthing or grounding is a health and lifestyle practice that’s about regularly being in contact with the earth for improved health and wellbeing.

Research studies suggest that there are many health benefits from regular earthing including better sleep, reduced pain, improved circulation and more. There have been 15 articles and studies on earthing to date in peer reviewed health and environmental science journals. In one study of 58 healthy adults, earthing brought about an immediate change in EEG and EMG, blood volume pulse reading that indicated lower stress and tension.

Walking barefoot on green grass or using a barefoot substitute (an indoor earthing product) are just two simple ways we can easily bring the earth’s free electrons into our body.

When we earth, inflammation and free radicals in our body are neutralised by negative charged electrons, which act like antioxidants soaking up excess positive charge. This is how earthing can help ease a wide variety of inflammation related health complaints from acid reflux to skin conditions to autoimmune conditions.

Try it for yourself outdoors. Take a barefoot walk on green grass in your garden or walk on moist sand at the beach. Pay attention to how your body feels after 30 minutes or so. You may be surprised at the results.