DeVita Cosmo


DEVITA COSMO is the new generation anti-ageing device that was released in June 2004 and contains 20 pre-installed programmes. The older version DETA COSMO had 13 programmes and was the first device of Deta Elis that was designed to deal with cosmetology and anti-ageing. However, not only does the DEVITA COSMO heal the skin and iron out wrinkles, but it is considered as a sophisticated anti-ageing device.

The skin can be considered a reflection of deeper health issues in a person. A dry, tired-looking and irritated skin shows that something in the person is imbalanced or not functioning well. The DEVITA COSMO device was designed to help the skin recuperate its natural elasticity and vitality using Quantum light and electromagnetic therapy.

The DEVITA COSMO works using two therapeutic modalities:

  • Low-wave electromagnetic radiation
  • Quantum Light

No more need for toxic botox injections to iron out wrinkles – the DEVITA COSMO can do this without any side effects and is far more cost-effective. In order to further optimise skin care and obtain astounding results in eradicating even deep wrinkles permanently, Deta Elis has now teamed with the DEL’OR range of unique and patented products, that are a class of their own amongst cosmetics. The combination of the DEL’OR range with the DEVITA COSMO has to be seen to be believed!

The DEVITA COSMO can do this without any side effects and is far more cost-effective than more traditional methods of beautifying yourself.

But it goes far beyond the wrinkles – it is actually a sophisticated anti-ageing device that helps to rejuvenate and balance vital organ systems that are known to lead to premature ageing when they are imbalanced.

Apart from rejuvenating the skin using Quantum coloured light on specific zones of the body, it can also be used with its electromagnetic healing modality combined with the Quantum light to upregulate and balance the following organ systems:

  • Female endocrine (hormonal) system
  • Male endocrine (hormonal) system
  • Liver Function
  • Tonifying the Nervous System
  • Regulating Stomach Functioning
  • Regulating Gastrointestinal and Digestive Functions
  • Regulating Constipation
  • Regulation of Kidney Function
  • Regulating of Thyroid Function
  • Regulation of Cardiovascular Function
  • Regulation of Spleen Function
  • Regulation of Pancreas Function
  • Improving Eyesight

All these programmes are pre-installed and ready to go. So you can see how powerful this little device is – the 20 pre-installed therapy programmes cover a large array of physiological systems, allowing the body to heal on many levels, as well as helping beautify the face and body. When you receive the device it will be in German, but if you hold the up and down scroll keys down together at the same time, it will change languages – English is one of them.

The DEVITA COSMO has two therapy modes – one is the Quantum light and the other is the Electromagnetic mode. This mode is used with the Antenna which is installed inside the unit itself – this is simply placed on the body, preferably on the organ being treated, but otherwise anywhere on the body that is convenient. The Quantum light should concentrate on the lines or the correspondence points on the face – these are all illustrated in the images that follow each therapy. The new generation DEVITA COSMO has 20 preinstalled programmes (it cannot be further programmed like the DEVITA AP and DEVITA RITM).

Download DeVita COSMO Manual

Normal Price: $AU985 (including postage)

(manufactured in Germany, this Wellness Device comes with an EU “Certificate of Compliance”)

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