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Purchase the DEVITA AP + DEVITA RITM and get FREE DeINFO PROGRAMMING USB worth $AU475!!! Total Cost (including postage): $AU1672

Offer Valid until 31st JULY 2016!



The DeVita AP30 is a portable BIORESONANCE “wellness” device which contains programmes with specific frequencies for killing bacteria, viruses, fungi as well as a wide variety of parasites.

The device combines modern science in human exposure to specific frequencies, with the methods and developments of: Royal Raymond Rife, Erich Rasche, Franz Morrel, Alexander Gavrilovich Gurwitsch, Dr. Clauss (Hanau), Dr. Voll (Plochingen), Dr. Nesco (Frankurt), Paul-Schmidt, K.Sillinga and O.Kollmera via the methodology of impact by weak electromagnetic fields.

The development of Deta-Elis’ unique devices began in the Soviet Union for the Armed forces and Riot police. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Company continued to develop medical devices, not only for military purposes, but… for EVERYONE!

After 20 years of testing, over 100 Clinical trials, recipients of many medals and patents worldwide, the Company is proud of its mission to….. “HEAL”!

Deta-Elis portable therapeutic BIORESONANCE devices have NO counterparts in the world!

Our recommendation is to purchase both the DeVita AP and DeVita RITM devices together – the RITM may be used in the morning and the AP at night, under the pillow. This way you will be eliminating microbes while helping to balance organ systems.

Another important device to purchase is the DeINFO USB programming device which contains over 1,500 programmes for the DeVita AP30 (click on the “full list of treatments” link below), and over 1,600 programmes for the DeVita RITM30. This way, you will get the full benefit of both your devices as you will be able to programme the device to suit your specific health needs, as opposed to relying only on the 30 pre-installed programmes.

So the ideal combination is to purchase the DeVita AP30, the DeVita RITM30 and the DeINFO USB programming device – this gives you tremendous versatility in helping many different health issues.

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Purchase the DEVITA AP + DEVITA RITM and get FREE DeINFO PROGRAMMING USB worth $AU475!!!  Total Cost (including postage): $AU1672

Offer Valid until 3st JULY 2016!

Normal Price: $AU850

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