“Bioresonance” is a method based on “electromagnetic waves” and is used to DIAGNOSE disease and medical conditions, and to medically TREAT ailments/conditions associated with “abnormal” electromagnetic waves caused by diseases, pain, headaches, migraines, circulatory, physical, emotional and mental conditions.

The “BIORESONANCE THERAPY” method was developed by Dr Erich Rasche and Dr Franz Morell in 1978.

Explaining Bioresonance

Lets begin with the word “RESONANCE”

In simple terms Resonance is when something moves “up and down” (or swings back and forth) in a “regular” rhythm, at “maximum” height (extension or distance) at a “certain” speed.

In scientific terms, Resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate (move or swing back and forth in a regular rhythm) with maximum amplitude (extension, height, distance) at certain frequencies (the rate of occurrence/speed).

Every living and non-living thing has its own individual “Resonant” frequency (the speed at which it vibrates)!

A common example of a “resonance” frequency is a playground swing, which acts as a pendulum. If you push (positive force) a child on a swing in time with the natural interval of the swing (its resonant frequency), the swing will go higher and higher until it reaches its maximum height (amplitude). Applying any negative force at any other time will interfere with (or dampen) the “resonance” frequency and the swing will be disrupted and go lower or stop all together. The energy absorbed by the swing is maximized when it is in “resonance” with the swing’s oscillations.

You may be familiar with the claims that the famous and powerful tenor Enrico Caruso had the ability to hit certain notes (sound frequencies) that would shatter wine glasses!

Well, this is the phenomenon of RESONANCE!

This phenomenon of RESONANCE can be further evidenced by taking a crystal wine glass, which has its own resonant frequency (around 500 Hertz – cycles per second), stand it in front of a speaker, produce a sound that is the same frequency as the wine glass (500Hz) and emit this frequency through a speaker. The glass will absorb this frequency and shatter!

The following video will illustrate the phenomenon of RESONANCE:

“BIO”RESONANCE works in the same way as RESONANCE, but at a “BIOLOGICAL” level.

Every organ of the body has its own individual “resonant” frequency, much like the note of a tuning fork.

All microbes – bacteria, viruses, parasites, protozoa and fungi – also have their own “resonant” frequencies.

When microbes infect an organ the “resonant” frequency of the organ drops and symptoms of un-wellness appear.

By generating frequencies that match the frequencies of these microbes (which is what our Devita AP device does) and subject the microbes to these frequencies, the microbes will absorb this energy, burst and die!

The following video will illustrate this:

This phenomenon, where we can shatter and destroy viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi with “frequencies” is called “BIORESONANCE”!

This is the principle that all our devices use!

BIORESONANCE is not only used to “DESTROY” microbes, but it is also used to “BALANCE” and “RESTORE” normal function to the human body and significantly aid in “PREVENTION”!

A healthy human body generates a frequency range of 62-78 MHz (see Vibration and Disease section below). If the frequency of the body drops below 62 MHz, the body becomes susceptible to disease. For example, the lungs resonate at a frequency of 72 Hz, which is also known as Hertz (cycles per second). If the lungs develop an infection, then the frequency will change, usually dropping a few Hertz. If we can produce the same frequency as a healthy lung, using a frequency generator (which is what our Devita RITM device does), and expose the lungs to this HEALTHY frequency, then we can help the lung to recuperate its normal functioning.

The body HEALS and RE BALANCES itself when it is subjected to “HEALTHY” frequencies!!!

Bioresonance therapy is a painless therapy that deals with the hidden causes of disease and poor health, by assessing and then normalising energetic imbalances. All matter, whether living or inert, resonates at a particular electromagnetic frequency, including the human body. Toxic substances in the body such as infections, chemicals, and heavy metals alter the body’s normal pattern and the body begins to adapt to the new frequency, causing illness or other disorders.

Using Bioresonance to modify and correct energy patterns allows the body to return to its natural healthy state, allowing people to become free of addictions, allergies, and pain. This is because Bioresonance enhances the body’s own regulation and detoxification. The body needs to detoxify itself of accumulated waste in order to allow nutrients to be delivered at a CELLULAR level.

See video below on explanation of energy, frequency, vibration and “Alternatives to Antibiotics” by Dr George J Georgiou, Ph.D.,D.Sc. (AM).,N.D., as presented at an International Conference in the UK, November 2014:


BIORESONANCE: For the more science-minded!

No doubt everyone, at one time or another, have uttered, or heard the phrases, “I have no energy, I am low on energy, I need an energy boost, I am full of energy………”

Well, that’s exactly what we are (and need to survive!)….ENERGY, vibrational energy!

Leading scientists believe that electromagnetic vibration plays a very important role in Nature. The main source of electromagnetic vibration is the sun, which provides a broad range of electromagnetic waves, of which only 6% reach the surface of Earth.

Most of us believe the world we live in is made of solid materials and that atoms are the building blocks of matter. When we look at the surface of reality, the concept that matter is solid is true to a certain point. However, when we dig deeper and look through the surface of reality, matter starts to vanish and all there is left is energy. In other words, energy is the core building block of matter and is the core substance of everything in the universe. Without energy, there would be no life because life needs energy to fuel its existence. The energy that created our time matrix and universe has a unique ability that allows it to have infinite expression. This infinite expression is achieved through vibrational frequency.

This is confirmed by QUANTUM physics all matter exists only as energy vibrating at various frequencies. As a result, if you want to heal yourself at the deepest levels, you need to use vibrational energy (Bioresonance) healing techniques to fix the distortions in the energy systems of your body.

Bioresonance is an umbrella term which is traditionally used to describe the interaction between the bio-field of a living organism and frequency patterns that interact with specific parts of it. There are many different types of bioresonance modalities which fall under this umbrella term. Bioresonance is the ability for an external frequency/pattern to resonate with a specific item in the bio-field of the physical body. True bio-resonance is a conscious interactive exchange between the consciousness of a life form and a bio-resonance modality such as a piece of bio-resonance equipment.

What is vibrational energy healing?

Vibrational energy healing is a healing technique that harnesses the power of vibration and frequency to heal the energy systems of the body. To understand how vibrational energy healing works, let us turn our attention to the healing and creative power of energy. Energy has a unique quality that allows it to express itself into anything, which is why it is the core building block of matter.

One of the main ways energy expresses itself is through the use of vibration, oscillation and frequency. The combination of these three things creates energy patterns, which are basically the codes of reality. These energy codes are then processed by our mind and consciousness, allowing us to see and sense reality in a solid state. If our mind and consciousness didn’t process these energy codes, we would see reality as flashes of light patterns instead of solid materials.

Vibration and Disease

All diseases have vibration and they are sensitive to certain frequencies. With the right frequency, scientists can destroy a disease causing microorganism in the body without harming healthy tissues and cells. A brilliant scientist who was able to use the healing power of vibration and frequency to destroy microorganisms was Dr. Royal R. Rife. In the early 1900s, Dr. Rife did some experiments that successfully killed harmful microorganisms using only frequency and high intensity light pulses. The vibrational energy healing device that he used was called the Rife machine. Some researchers believed that his Rife machine was able to cure cancer.

Another person who did a great job of showing the relationship between disease and frequency is Bruce Tainio, a microbiologist of Tainio Technology, an independent division of Eastern State University in Cheny, Washington, who did a lot of great research on how vibration and frequency affect microorganisms.

In 1992 he built the first frequency monitor in the world and found that a healthy human body generates a frequency range of 62-78 MHz. He also noticed that if the frequency of the body drops below 62 MHz, the immune system is compromised and the body become susceptible to disease.

Check out these very interesting findings:

Human Body:
Genius Brain Frequency 80-82 MHz
Brain Frequency Range 72-90 MHz
Normal Brain Frequency 72 MHz
Human Body 62-78 MHz
Human Body: from Neck up 72-78 MHz
Human Body: from Neck down 60-68 MHz Thyroid and Parathyroid glands are 62-68 MHz
Thymus Gland is 65-68 MHz
Heart is 67-70 MHz
Lungs are 58-65 MHz
Liver is 55-60 MHz
Pancreas is 60-80 MHz

Colds and Flu start at: 57-60 MHz
Disease starts at: 58 MHz
Candida overgrowth starts at: 55 MHz
Receptive to Epstein Barr at: 52 MHz
Receptive to Cancer at: 42 MHz
Death begins at: 25 MHz

Vibration therapy, diabetes, osteoporosis and chronic wounds

In the last few years, vibration therapy and vibrational energy healing are being taken more seriously, which is why new studies are being done to see how vibration could be used to heal health condition and disease. Recently, researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago discovered that vibration therapy can hasten the wound healing process, especially the wounds of people with diabetes.

As mentioned at

Wounds exposed to vibration formed more granulation tissue, a type of tissue important early in the wound-healing process. Vibration helped tissue to form new blood vessels—a process called angiogenesis—and also led to increased expression of pro-healing growth factors and signaling molecules called chemokines, Weinheimer-Haus said.

Certain vibrational energy healing techniques, such as vibration therapy, have been known to accelerate bone regeneration. Some successful bone regeneration studies were done by Stony Brook University in New York. The researchers at this university used vibration with low intensity signals to accelerate the healing process of damaged bones.

Vibrational energy healing and tissue regeneration

Besides healing health condition and disease, vibrational energy healing devices can help regenerate damaged tissues. If built and used correctly, these frequency healing devices can be beneficial to people with neuro-degenerative disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and chronic diseases.

See the video on Quantum Theory, Health and Consciousness! by Dr George J Georgiou, Ph.D.,D.Sc (AM).,N.D.