How Do Better Earthing Undersheets Work?

Better Earthing undersheets are designed to be used underneath your regular cotton or natural fibre sheets and pillowcases.

You can use your favourite bedding along with your better earthing bedding, and even add electric blanket in winter. That’s because you don’t need to touch Better Earthing undersheets with your skin.

When you lie down on your bed, the smallest amount of humidity or moisture in your sheets or clothes creates tiny conductive pathways for the earth’s free electrons to travel through.

As your skin doesn’t touch the undersheet, the silver fibre is more protected from body creams, lotions, sweat and natural body oils.

This makes for long-lasting product and less washing!

Wash your earthing undersheet each 6 months when you place your earthing undersheet under two regular cotton (or any natural fibre) fitted sheets.

Why two cotton sheets? The second sheet acts as an extra filter to trap the myriad of chemicals and ingredients in creams, lotions or sulphur in sweat and prevent them from reaching the sensitive silver in the earthing fabric. Wash the second sheet each 2-3 months.

Better Earthing undersheets are the only earthing sheets sold with a 2-Year manufacturers warranty and a 1-Year money-back satisfaction guarantee. This undersheet will last for years, when used under two regular cotton fitted sheets.

This multimeter test shows how effectively Better Earthing Undersheet conducts free electrons from the earth through clothing and a regular sheet.