About Deta-Elis


Quality supplements, a proper diet, healthy living and a postive attitude all can go a long way towards restoring your health. But in conjunction with cutting edge bioresonance devices such as the advanced Deta-Elis portable bioresonance devices, the results can be tremendously enhanced to the point of nothing less than astonishing.

Clinical Trials of these devices have shown over 85% effectiveness for the treatment of various conditions using these devices alone and over 95% effectiveness when combined with certain medications and supplements!


Best Of Health is pleased to bring you information on the amazing DETA-ELIS Bioresonance Therapy Devices.

“…the next big thing, since computers and mobile phones, that will sweep the world… this technology will revolutionize the practice of Medicine!”

– Dr M. SIRCUS, Director of the International Medical Veritas Association (4 Dec 2013).

These electromagnetic therapy devices manufactured in Germany by Russian company DETA-ELIS can effectively help treat many conditions and ailments – over 3000, in fact – experienced by people in their everyday lives – and without the side-effects of many modern medications.

Below is a video that provides a background to these remarkable devices which are coming to Australia and the world in a big way:

The devices work on the principle of bioresonance. Every organism and organ in the body has its own resonant frequency – the frequency at which it vibrates. You may be familiar with the story of the opera singer who, when hitting a certain note (sound frequency), shattered the glass windows in the auditorium! This phenomenon is called ‘resonance’. Bioresonance works on the same principle, though on a biological level. (See the following video to gain a better understanding and visit our bioresonance page here).

Deta-Elis Business LogosThe Deta-Elis Company’s mission is to HEAL, CURE and OPTIMISE the “HEALTH” and “WELLBEING” of everyone!

How does Deta-Elis achieve this?

By combining over 20 years of Medical research and innovative cutting-edge Technology with electromagnetic “BIORESONANCE” therapy.

The principle of “BIORESONANCE” is the future of medicine…. and the future of medicine has arrived today, in the form of the company DETA-ELIS!

Just as three-dimensional printing will revolutionise manufacturing, this technology will revolutionise the practice of Medicine!

Deta-Elis envisages that within a few years, just like PC’s and mobile phones swept the globe 20 to 30 years ago, we will see EVERYONE walking around, not just with their mobile phones, ipads and the like, but also with a safe therapeutic device, that will put “health empowerment” back into the people’s hands!

The invention, design and manufacture of the Deta-Elis therapy devices began in 1992. The gifted inventor, and academic, was Dr Sergey Konopliov, a Medical Doctor, Ph.D, a Physicist, and a Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

In 1996 the company Deta-Elis designed a new device for protecting people from weak sources of radiation. This device was tested in many Russian clinics and Military Hospitals, such as the second Central Military Hospital, P. Mandryka, Centre for Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health of Russia, Post number 2 of the Southern JSC Moscow and other health care facilities, as well as in different parts of RUOP, the Municipal Police, the Moscow riot police and other law enforcement agencies in Moscow.

The testings showed excellent results which led to further development of the method of electromagnetic therapy. The next step was the synthesis of the electromagnetic and bioresonance therapies.

Two years later (1998) , a new, more sophisticated device was developed using “BIORESONANCE” therapy, called the Deta-Professional Diagnostic device. On 10 April 1998, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation granted the Company permission to use this device for electro-diagnostic medical examinations and electromagnetic treatments for Clinical practice.

The Deta-Professional Diagnostic device is now recognised by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, America, Israel and other countries, as an OFFICIAL method of diagnosis!

The Company was also allowed to conduct clinical trials with their other Deta devices, resulting in The Department of Health in Russia approving these devices for wide use across their nation.

The Russian space program uses this technology for its cosmonauts, as does Russian President Putin.


DETA-ELIS comprises three main departments:

* Research and Development (Medicine and Technology)

* IT Department and software development

* Marketing

In today’s world, a successful person combines physical and mental health with business success and personal growth.

The vision of the DETA-ELIS company is to make this type of cutting-edge Medical technology available to EVERYONE, so people can take responsibility for their own health.

DE Medical equipment certification in Europe 2016_2Deta-Elis also provides a “Business” opportunity where ANYONE and EVERYONE can become “financially independent”, by moving away from the egocentric competitiveness of the retail trade – where one person sells to as many as they can, fighting aggressively against competitors – to a “business model” that involves team work, cooperation, respect for fellow co-helper, communication, and organisation for the benefit of the team, not only for the individual!

This “business model” is Deta-Elis’ own “Binary Marketing Network” system!

One of its major objectives – through this cutting edge technology and accompanying devices – is to GLOBALLY bring people together, not only for the betterment of their Health…. but also for their Wealth!